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60 lessons, 15+ guided meditations making up 5½ hours of content!

A unique in-depth online video course that blends mindfulness, kindness and compassion practices for a happier and resilient mind


Mindfulness + Kindness = Kindfulness

This is the formula backed by science* for a balanced brain, happy mind and meaningful relationships.

When your mind wanders excessively, you think mainly about the past or future. And usually about all the things that went wrong or could go wrong. 

As one study stated, a wandering mind is an unhappy mind**.

About 47% of waking hours spent thinking about what isn’t going on

Mindfulness practices reshape your brain’s neural pathways for attention and focus in the present moment. Mindfulness also gives you feedback – so you are much clearer about what you’re thinking, feeling and doing.

But that’s just the first step. 

Without the right attitude, mindfulness can just end up highlighting negative thoughts and emotions without the key tool to soothe and heal your body and mind. 

Therefore, the second step, cultivating kindness and discovering how to make friends with your mind is so important.

By training your brain towards kindness, compassion and self-compassion, true transformation can take place.  

The value of combining mindfulness with kindness and compassion is not just based by western science. The essence of kindfulness is  from ancient eastern teachings. These teachings never taught mindfulness alone – they always included huge amounts of kindness and compassion practices too.

Through this program you also discover something you may have never learnt in other mindfulness or compassion classes: the value and method for being extremely kind to your own body and mind. 

You’ll discover that sitting or lying down very comfortably is an act of kindness to yourself. And the key to effective kindfulness. 

You’ll also discover why you need to stop trying to control your mind and instead kindly listen and let go. This can lead to deep experiences of peace, relaxation and joy. 

So, if you like the sound of this program, and want to go from being a control freak to a kindfulness freak, have a go at this fun, unique and transformative program! 

*hundreds of research studies show both mindfulness and compassion have beneficial effects on body, mind and relationships.

**Harvard research study conclusion by psychologists Matthew Killingsworth and Daniel Gilbert

Get started, kindfully!

In this in-depth online course you will:

Experience 15 different kindfulness practices to cultivate joy, clarity and emotional resilience

Watch over 56 video lessons, one per day for the whole 8 weeks

Discover how kindfulness can help reduce suffering

Learn how to build a happy and resilient mind

Explore how to build more meaningful relationships

Understand how kindfulness and compassion practices can help  overcome stress and alleviate levels of anxiety and depression

Find out how kindfulness works in the physiology of the body

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Course Curriculum

Introduction to week 1 00:00:00
Practice: Kindful Belly Breathing for Relaxation 00:00:00
Practice: Kindful Check In Meditation 00:00:00
what is mindfulness and kindfulness 00:00:00
kindful posture 00:00:00
intention, attention and attitude 00:00:00
cultivate a meditation routine 00:00:00
difference between mindfulness and meditation 00:00:00
kindfulness vs mindfulness 00:00:00
what mindfulness is not 00:00:00
letting go past and future 00:00:00
Introduction to week 2 00:00:00
Practice: Kindful Body Scan Meditation 00:00:00
Practice: Kindful of Body and Mind Meditation 00:00:00
Kindful Body Scan 00:00:00
benefit of mindfulness and kindfulness for the brain 00:00:00
benefit of mindfulness and kindfulness for the body 00:00:00
the science of kindfulness 00:00:00
benefits of self-compassion 00:00:00
cultivating curiosity 00:00:00
my journey 00:00:00
Introduction to week 3 00:00:00
Practice: Letting Be Meditation 00:00:00
Practice: Lake Meditation for Cultivating Acceptance 00:00:00
making friends with the monkey mind 00:00:00
transcending the negative bias 00:00:00
allowing and let it be for stress and anxiety 00:00:00
let it go is the essence of meditation 00:00:00
letting go of perfectionism 00:00:00
valuing the present moment 00:00:00
mind wandering – wanting things to be different is the root of all difficulties 00:00:00
Introduction to week 4 00:00:00
Practice: Kindfulness of Senses 00:00:00
Practice: Mountain Meditation for Stress Reduction 00:00:00
restlessness 00:00:00
boredom 00:00:00
tiredness and sleepiness 00:00:00
overcoming frustration and anger 00:00:00
dealing with difficult emotions in mindfulness meditation practice 00:00:00
dealing with discomfort and pain 00:00:00
feeling emotions in the body 00:00:00
dealing with unexpected bad news and situations 00:00:00
Introduction to week 5 00:00:00
Practice: Smiling Meditation 00:00:00
Practice: Kindful Breathing Meditation 00:00:00
the importance of smiling 00:00:00
managing stress with kindfulness 00:00:00
meeting anxiety with kindfulness 00:00:00
managing depression with kindfulness 00:00:00
managing bad habits with kindfulness 00:00:00
managing eating  with kindfulness 00:00:00
Introduction to week 6 00:00:00
Practice: Kindful Walking 00:00:00
Practice: Kindful Eating 00:00:00
mindful walking 00:00:00
mindful eating 00:00:00
doing routine activities in a mindful way 00:00:00
kindful with your pet 00:00:00
nature is here for you 00:00:00
mindful movement 00:00:00
mindfulness at work 00:00:00
joy and playfulness 00:00:00
laughter yoga 00:00:00
Introduction to week 7 00:00:00
Practice: Loving-Kindness Meditation 00:00:00
Practice: Self-Compassion Meditation 00:00:00
understanding the loving kindness meditation 00:00:00
research on loving kindness meditation 00:00:00
overcoming common challenges with loving kindness meditation 00:00:00
everyday loving kindness practice 00:00:00
the 3 pillars of self-compassion: mindfulness, self-kindness, common humanity 00:00:00
thoughts are just thoughts – stepping back from negative self-judgments 00:00:00
Introduction to week 8 00:00:00
Practice: Gratitude Meditation 00:00:00
Practice: Kindful Advisor Meditation 00:00:00
kindfulness in relationships 00:00:00
mindful communication 00:00:00
practising forgiveness 00:00:00
the attitude of gratitude 00:00:00
kindful hugging – connecting others and yourself through hugging 00:00:00
random acts of kindness 00:00:00
Kindful conclusion 00:00:00

Course Reviews


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  1. Profile photo of Evandro Cela

    Great Journey!

    This course has been a great journey and a very helpful ammunition to face the daily routines that sometimes lure us away from appreciating the universe around us, here and now.
    It took me some time, since enrolling, before finding the space and the time to start the course. Now I am organizing my time around it, instead of the contrary.
    Thank you for the indication. I fully recommend it to anyone looking for meaningful ways of navigating through the bumps of life.

  2. Profile photo of Emilie Morilleau

    Highly recommended!

    This course has been recommended to me by a friend, i didn’t know much about it and what to expect when i started. I am so glad i signed up… It is helping me a lot to deal with a heavy emotional context and also stress at work. It is great to stop and take some time to breath and to learn how to be more gentle to yourself & others. I like the fact that it is easy and flexible: you decide when you want to practice; there is no constraints. Well done and Thanks Awake Academy!

  3. Profile photo of Ralf Wagner


    The Mindfulness course will give you a good base which you can build on and exercise the teaching received.

  4. Profile photo of Eduardo Lunardi

    I’m really enjoying this course, especially the simple and objective way the themes are explained. I emphasize the “Kindfulness” and mainly “Belly breathing for relaxation” that I practice at least twice a day being the last one the night when I go to bed and I need to relax to have a calmer sleep.

  5. Profile photo of Phan Chi

    Amazingly rich content, beautiful guided meditations

    The emphasis on compassion makes kindfulness much easier to adopt and more impactful as a practice. This course is a lot richer than the free 7-day introduction with much more contents and a good variety of guided meditations. I don’t like generic guided mindfulness meditations and I love Shamash’s guided kindfulness mediations. They make me smile every time 🙂

  6. Profile photo of Andre Lichtenberg

    Kindfulness 8 weeks course

    Thank you for creating this amazing course. It made me feel more relaxed and calm in just a few minutes. If you feel your life is moving too fast and getting too stressful, this might just be the right thing to help you slow down and connect with your body once again.

  7. Profile photo of Nirmala Martis

    Breathing and thinking

    As I started watching videos, I automatically followed instructions and did little exercises. It worked 🙂 While doing the belly breathing exercise, I fell asleep for a few minutes. Then I woke up and continued. These exercises are really working and good for relaxation. I now understand mindfulness. We are so much into other things and our thoughts are running every where. We hardly live in the present moment. Mindfulness exercise teach us how to control our brain to live in the moment, which I realised that it will bring happiness with little things around. I also understand kindfulness too but that will take a lot of efforts and practice to clean up our body and mind system because we live in a society full of harsh reality and our brains and hearts are corrupted already. So, it is not so easy to let things go. This is something one has to keep practising.

    Regarding videos, they are short and easy to follow. Not boring, which is the plus point. However, one thing I recognised that gave me uncomfortable feeling was Shamash was in an outdoor park, which was dry and dead. He was talking about kindness and heart and mind but it wasn’t a nice background. I don’t know, that bothered me a bit. Either you should film these kind of videos on late spring – early summer in a greener environment or somewhere in an indoor cocoon. (Just a thought). Overall… cool work 👍