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Course Description

Do you want to be more authentic, more integrated, more awake? Then your shadow side has to be faced and embraced.

What is the shadow? It’s made up of whatever we hide from others: our shame, our fears, our wounds but also our divine potential, our creative power and our hidden talents. The shadow is a huge source of benevolent power and potential but until we bring it into the light this power will remain untapped and our full potential unreached.

This 7-week course will guide you into the dazzling darkness of the shadow and show you how to unlock the gold within. Using ancient methods from Tibetan Buddhism alongside contemporary techniques from mindfulness, insight training and Western psychology the viewer is guided through a profound process of transformation. This course is about waking up to our inner freedom and becoming more authentically human.

Through guided meditations, dream work, shamanic mask practice and deep psychological inquiry we’ll learn how to befriend our shadow with loving kindness, as a way to heal our minds and open our hearts to our highest potential.


What will the course explore?

  • Integrating the shadow
  • Uncovering your golden potential
  • Transforming shame into authenticity
  • Healing your sexual shadow
  • Making friends with your past and yourself
  • Embracing the shadow through dream-work


What are you going to get from this course?

  • Everything you need to transform your shadow
  • Over 50 tutorial videos making up over 4 hours of cinematic footage
  • Dozens of powerful shadow integration practices
  • Exclusive guided dreamwork meditations
  • Life time access to all videos. (streaming only)
  • Access to all the units at any time, so that you can choose the pace of the course


 Is this course for you? Yes, if you want to…

  • Become a more helpful human being
  • Unlock your inner gold
  • Step out of shame and into authenticity
  • Expand your personal and spiritual growth
  • Decode the shadow in your dreams
  • Have more energy, more creativity, more spiritual growth and radical authenticity.

Based on Charlie’s ten years of teaching experience this course will take you on a life-changing journey deep into the dazzling darkness of spiritual transformation. The light that we will find there is brighter than we could ever imagine!



Pre-release course reviews

“Inspiring, moving – just brilliant! Charlie is a great communicator”- Mike G

“Fantastic course! So engaging, so honest, so helpful. Something’s shifted for me” -Sundra

“The course was very insightful, Charlie is great at presenting”- Peter GS

“A wonderful course! It opened up my heart and mind.”- Rowena


About the course leader Charlie Morley

Charlie Morley is a bestselling author and teacher of both lucid dreaming and shadow work. He received the traditional “authorisation to teach” within the Kagyu school of Tibetan Buddhism from Lama Yeshe Rinpoche in 2008 and has since run retreats and workshops around the world and written three books which have been translated into 11 languages.

He’s spoken at Cambridge University, the TED conference in San Diego, is a regular expert panellist for The Guardian  and continues to teach on mindfulness retreats for armed forces veterans. In 2017 Sonima magazine called him one of “The Next Generation of Meditation Instructors”.

For more info see www.charliemorley.com

* this course is non-refundable


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Course Curriculum

Week 1: Our dark and golden shadows
Introduction to the Embracing the Shadow Course FREE 00:01:38
What is the dark shadow? FREE 00:02:04
What is the golden shadow? FREE 00:03:23
The shadow of the world 00:00:54
What is shadow integration? 00:01:31
Shadow dreaming 00:02:24
Lucid Living 00:01:14
Daytime Exercise: meeting our personal shadow 00:18:20
Nighttime exercise: keeping a dream recall 00:06:35
Week 2: Constructing and projecting the shadow
The Benefits of shadow work 00:14:55
Fear of the dark 00:02:02
A self-created archetype? 00:01:04
Suppression, repression, denial 00:02:53
Shame, fear, judgment 00:06:30
Shadow projection 00:10:36
Daytime exercise: recognizing the projected shadow 00:08:03
The seeing is the doing 00:01:08
Night-time exercise: dream diary 00:06:19
Week 3: The childhood shadow
Acceptance, friendliness, kindness 00:04:24
Burying our treasure 00:07:33
Inner critic and forgiveness 00:06:49
Daytime exercise 1: Hand on heart meditation 00:01:58
Daytime exercise 2: the bag that we drag behind us 00:09:28
Night time exercise: Hypnagogic Golden Shadow 00:03:52
Week 4: Dropping the mask
Mindfulness meditation 00:04:05
Daytime exercise: 3 minutes mindfulness meditation 00:05:36
Dropping the mask & habituated to shame FREE 00:15:06
Nighttime exercise: recognizing the shadow in dreams 00:07:30
Bonus exercise 1: No mud no lotus 00:08:31
Bonus exercise 2: eye-gazing 00:05:40
Week 5: Nightmares and Shadow lucid dreaming
3 New perspectives (A dream that is shouting, Signs of a healing Mind, Energetic potential) 00:10:16
Lucid dream shadow work 00:06:25
Embracing the dark shadow in lucid dreams 00:05:46
Embracing the golden shadow in lucid dreams 00:05:57
Daytime exercise: circle of allies 00:03:30
Week 6: The Ancestral and Sexual shadows
The ancestral shadow 00:03:26
Daytime exercise: healing the ancestral shadow 00:09:14
The Parental shadow 00:02:32
Daytime exercise: healing the parental shadow 00:05:38
Daytime exercise: sexual shadow mask work 00:14:12
Night time exercise: ancestral shadow dreamwork 00:04:56
Week 7: Revolutionising the shadow
Tibetan Buddhist shadow work 00:06:42
Tonglen 00:04:18
Daytime exercise: Tonglen 00:05:10
Death: the ultimate shadow? 00:07:10
Daytime exercise: 7 days left to live 00:06:23
Daytime exercise: The Life review 00:14:14
Daytime exercise: The Gratitude Visit 00:04:27
Night time exercise: 4 ways to die consciously 00:07:16
Conclusion of the Embracing the Shadow Course 00:01:40

Course Reviews


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  1. Outstanding


    Thank you so much! I absolutely loved it, the exercises are very powerful and life changing! I would suggest to my clients to do this course!

  2. Illuminating Course!


    Wow, I’ve just finished this course and feel pleased that I’ve dipped my toe into the shadow waters!

    Firstly I would like to thank Charlie for his amazing videos, stories and sharing his own dark shadows. I love his enthusiasm, humour, inspiration and his humility. I’m now planning the next course on Lucid Dreaming.

    This course has enabled me to pursue studying shadow aspects, entering into therapy and engaging with some of my own clients on a deeper level. Of course, there’s the Golden Shadow which is often neglected so I’m happy to be exploring that aspect too.

    Lastly I would like to thank Shamash and his co workers for bringing this course to the Awake Academy. I hope there are more courses like this.

    Lots of love ?x

  3. Awesome, highly recommended!!!


    During those weeks, I had a very vivid, lucid dream, in which I met, talked to and, in the end, embraced my shadow. It was such a transformative experience! I woke up blissfully! It’s changed the way I look at my fears and worries. Thank you, Charlie, for your teachings!

  4. Life changing


    I uncovered some amazing truths, both golden and dark. Self acceptance made easy and dark experience vanishing, almost like it never happened. Energy levels and happiness excelled.
    Many blessings and good health to Charlie and his family.

  5. Brilliant, powerful course


    This is a brilliant course – powerful exercises that cut through to some of the most important feelings and questions. The mask exercise in particular really shifted something for me that has been incredibly helpful. The course is thoughtfully put together and taught in a gentle and inspiring way – Charlie’s warmth, humour and honesty make him the perfect teacher for this compassionate exploration of the shadow. Huge gratitude and respect.

  6. Gratitude ?


    Thanks Charlie.excellent companion to your book and I really like the captions with each video.Happy continuation ?

  7. Excellent


    I loved the book! And now the online course has massaged the lessons deeper into my being. I feel very inspired and I’ve started practising the exercises with renewed vigor. I’m looking forward to working through the lucid dreaming course. Thank you Charlie, and well done, hope to work with you in person in the future.

  8. Very adventurous and learning , meaningful


    Very good course