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This FREE course explores the science of lucid dreaming, the life-changing benefits of the practice, three of the fundamental techniques and includes an exclusive guided meditation to listen to each night as you fall asleep.
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In this free course you will:

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  1. A Good Introduction


    I am currently reading Lucid Dreaming Made Easy by Charlie Morley and I find that the content of this Free Course very well in hand with what is there in the text. Charlie is a great at articulating ideas as well as brining analogies to make his points clear. I hope to go for the 7 week course sometime within this year, hopefully earlier than later. Thanks a lot Charlie.

  2. Helpfully and clear explained content


    A good basic idea of the consent and the possibilities of conscious sleeping.

  3. Wonderful and Insightful Course!


    I have been following the course and learning a whole lot about lucid dreaming. Thank you for all your work Charley. I’m inspired by what you do and have thought about becoming a teacher myself. As I know this is a long process I’m sure but I will start with practicing on my own and reading your book.

    I have been following the course for about 2 weeks now and have already had 3 major semi-lucid moments, which is an exciting start. I have been practicing daily mindfulness meditation consistently for a few months now and this is a thrilling addition on to the practice, they work with each other.

    Also it beautifully filmed and produced!

  4. Thank you!


    Thank you for the interesting introduction and for the helpfull basic tools
    to start the journey.