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Four top experts get together to teach you Kindfulness: a unique
short course that blends mindfulness, kindness and compassion

Course led by

Ajahn Brahm

Ajahn Brahm

Abbot of Bodhinyana Monastery

James R. Doty

Dr James R Doty

Stanford University | Center for Compassion and Altruism Research and Education


Paul Gilbert

University of Derby | The Compassionate Mind Foundation

Shamash Alidina

Shamash Alidina

Mindfulness For Dummies | Happier World Conference | Museum of Happiness

Get started, kindfully!

In this free online course you will:

Experience 3 different kindfulness practices to cultivate joy, clarity and emotional resilience

Discover how kindfulness can help reduce suffering

Learn how to start building a happy and resilient mind

Explore how to build more meaningful relationships

Understand why science is implementing kindness and compassion practices to overcome stress, anxiety, depression, and more

Find out how kindfulness works in the physiology of the body

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Course Reviews


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  1. Profile photo of Phan Chi

    Good introduction to kindfulness

    Great contents from Ajahn Brahm and Shamash Alidina to help people understand kindfulness. More comparison with traditional mindfulness and maybe more variation in the guided kindfulness meditation would have made it richer.

  2. Profile photo of Shantami Fachinetto

    Excellent teachings

    very interesting, it makes us see life from a new perspective. I particularly liked this teaching from one of the classes: “Meditation is not WHAT you pay attention to, it´s HOW you pay attention to it. “

  3. Profile photo of Maria Fidalgo

    Great Kindfulness Free Course

    I’ve really enjoyed this course. Kindfulness is a practice that makes life so more nice and easy… Thanks to all the teachers and specially to Shamash for sharing generously their knowledge.

  4. Profile photo of ria

    Amazing course!

    A course really worthwhile to attend!!

  5. Profile photo of JAVIER PEREZ


    It was really grateful to watch and live the videos and meditations. I read a bout about Mindfulness written by Shamash Alidina at the begging of this year and I found it really powerful. I try to meditate using mindfulness and it really helps me to cope with my daily life. Now, I am planning to add a kindness view in my life.

    Thanks for the course!

  6. Profile photo of stuart bryan

    kind regards

    A useful course and a good taster of what benefits kindfulness can bring to your life. The videos were excellent; simple and direct and a rich mix. I particularly liked the alphabet of the heart. I have been trying to live more from the heart than my mind in recent months and the results have been noticeable; life is opening up in ways that were previously closed off to me. Kindfulness can help us all. Thanks to all involved for offering the course for free.

    stuart x

  7. Profile photo of Traceyanne Higgins

    Thank you

    I got into Mindfulness about 4 months ago as i was looking for something to help destress me from this crazy world. It has helped a lot and I enjoy practicing it. Recently I have been becoming more and more anxious, which in turn was getting me down and knocking my self esteem… Which then made me more anxious and so on. I spoke to my dad about it and he sent me the link for this course, and it has helped me very much this week. I am feeling a whole lot better about life. Kindfullness has benefited me at my work, and today I used Kindfullness on two walks I was on and it made me feel better.
    Thanks to all involved in putting together this short course. I will tell people about Kindfullness.

  8. Profile photo of Beth

    Thank you for a great course

    I really enjoyed this course. Found it very interesting and educational. The videos were a good length and contained some great practical activities. Well done keep up the great work!

  9. Profile photo of Yin Cheung

    Great Content and Easy to digest!

    Thank you for this short but sweet and fun course!

  10. Profile photo of Sarah

    Loved it!

    I really enjoyed this course – I have a learnt a lot of new and interesting things related to being kind, mindful and kindful! My favourite bits were the Alphabet of the Heart, which I think is a brilliant method, and of course the monkey mind – it seems that a lot of people get very very serious when they talk about mindfulness, meditation, compassion and so on, but I think that humour is a much more effective way to spread the message.
    Thank you very much for putting on this course, and for it being free! I would like to sign up to the 8-week course 🙂

  11. Profile photo of Paula Sicard

    I am very grateful because of the big effort and very transcendental job you are doing. Kindness with all beings starting with ourselves is powerful and would grant us a better life the more we practice it. Hopefully more and more people will join and together we make the world a better place.

  12. Profile photo of Deborah

    Simply Fantastic

    Beautifully inspiring course full of kindness and compassion! Fantastic speakers and Shamash your are simply amazing, thank you!

  13. Profile photo of sunita


    The Kindfulness Course as all other courses offered by Shamash has been enriching. Doing the meditation with all the love and kindness to oneself opens up your heart and fills you with tolerance , resilience and compassion no matter what.
    What I take from this course is the ‘Alphabet of the Heart’ which is so simple yet profound. I’ve in fact made posters to share at my workplace on Sunday which is the World Kindness Day.
    Thank you so much ,

  14. Profile photo of reena

    Excellent speakers

    Thank you for this excellent course, I really cherish the talks especially the one by Shamash about the formula for kindfulness.

  15. Profile photo of Cheryl Green

    Kindfulness Course

    I am following the Kindfulness course, I think that it is superb.
    Really hits the spot with me.

    Thank You

  16. Profile photo of Kellyann Gilson Lyman | kellyannartsalon.com | art practice study in project happiness

    Bonne Day!

    I am happy to study with you in this practice of kindfulness. I found you in my annual art study & production.
    I love that this practice applies to all ages in humanity.

    2016 kellyannartsalon.com |Project for happiness | action for happiness | kindfulness practice.