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A video tutorial course using visual storytelling to inspire change from within!

60 lessons and 5½ hours of content!

Start at any time, no expiry dates.

Lifetime access!

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Course Description

This 7 week online video course explores not only lucid dreaming practices, but also the innovative new techniques of Mindfulness of Dream and Sleep, the holistic approach to lucidity training which Charlie co-created with meditation expert Rob Nairn. The course offers a thorough and exciting exploration of lucid dreaming theory and practice within both Western and Tibetan Buddhist contexts.

This video course is based on the bestselling book Dreams of Awakening and the hundreds of lucid dreaming workshops which Charlie has taught around the world.

What will the course explore?

  • how to lucid dream
  •  the history and benefits of lucid dreaming (please, watch the video above)
  • cutting edge sleep and dream research
  •  prophetic dreams, lucid living and what lies beyond the boundaries of lucidity!

What are you going to get from this course?

  • Over 60 brand new videos making up over 5 hours of cinematic footage and audio!
  • 2 exclusive guided meditations
  • Multiple custom made animations, and motion graphics to elucidate the techniques
  • Everything you need to learn how to lucid dream
  • Life time access to all videos. (streaming only) 
  • Access to all the units at any time, so that you can choose the pace of the course

Is this course for you? Yes, if you want to…

  • Learn how to lucid dream
  • Explore your sleep and dreams through Mindfulness of Dream & Sleep
  • Expand your personal and spiritual growth into the 30 years you spend sleeping
  • Better understand your dreams
  • Learn how to integrate stress, anxiety, phobias, past trauma, physical ailments or recurrent nightmares through dream-work
  • Access your higher wisdom and inner guidance while they sleep

Although this video course presents many different aspects on how to make the 30 years we spend asleep more worthwhile, the fundamental aim of it is to teach people how to lucid dream their way to psychological and spiritual growth.

* this course is non-refundable

“I consider Charlie to be the most experienced and authentic practitioner of lucid dreaming teaching in Europe.”

Professor Rob Nairn

Author of Living, Dreaming, Dying | Director of Mindfulness Association

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Course Curriculum

Introduction to week 1 FREE 00:00:26
what is lucid dreaming? FREE 00:01:45
how does it feel? 00:04:02
the science of lucid dreaming 00:09:51
friendship, not control 00:01:46
is it a learnable skill? 00:02:34
my journey into lucid dreaming 00:03:00
what is mindfulness of dream and sleep? FREE 00:01:56
dream recall 00:03:16
5 steps to boost dream recall 00:01:52
collecting our post 00:03:20
dream diaries 00:03:06
5 steps to keeping a dream diary 00:02:14
Introduction to week 2 FREE 00:00:33
the “why” of lucid dreaming (psychological benefits) 00:17:26
the iceberg metaphor 00:02:53
dream signs 00:03:40
reality checks 00:04:17
weird technique 00:02:49
Introduction to week 3 FREE 00:00:48
how we sleep 00:10:09
mindfulness in each stage of sleep 00:05:14
lucid dreaming spectrum 00:06:09
columbo method 00:03:07
hypnagogic affirmation 00:03:34
dream planning 00:04:22
Introduction to week 4 FREE 00:00:25
the “why” of lucid dreaming (Tibetan Buddhist benefits) 00:03:43
death, dying and lucid dreaming 00:08:12
spiritual practice and lucid dreaming 00:05:13
the why? lucid living 00:08:15
nightmares and the shadow 00:11:59
wake back to bed technique 00:05:39
MILD technique 00:03:49
Introduction to week 5 FREE 00:00:34
acceptance, friendliness and kindness 00:08:49
multiple wake ups techniques 00:04:49
what is mindfulness? FREE 00:04:32
mindfulness meditation (how to) 00:02:13
guided mindfulness meditation (settling, grounding and resting with support) 00:25:01
walking meditation (how to) 00:03:02
top tips for mindfulness meditation 00:01:05
mindfulness meditation in the hypnagogic stage (how to) 00:01:41
hypnagogic mindfulness (how to) 00:01:53
guided hypnagogic mindfulness meditation 00:19:12
mindfulness meditation in the hypnopompic stage (how to) 00:05:39
Introduction to week 6 FREE 00:00:30
the lucidity tank 00:03:58
maintaining lucidity techniques 00:04:56
falling asleep consciously techniques 00:08:38
micro techniques: preparing the space 00:02:37
micro techniques: date night schedule 00:02:37
micro techniques: beat the alarm 00:01:18
micro techniques: mind gym 00:01:14
micro techniques: have a lie-in 00:01:29
micro techniques: be confident 00:02:23
micro techniques: improve your balance 00:00:57
micro techniques: the hardware 00:01:20
micro techniques: have fun! 00:00:59
using obstacles on the path 00:11:32
Introduction to week 7 FREE 00:00:27
history of lucid dreaming around the world 00:09:06
beyond lucidity 00:12:33
beyond lucidity: prophetic dreams 00:12:33
beyond lucidity: out of body experience (OBE) 00:09:08
lucid living: an introduction + exercise FREE 00:08:00
lucid living: life signs 00:01:08
lucid living: acting lucidly 00:02:16
what’s next 00:04:53

Course Reviews


40 ratings
  • 5 stars38
  • 4 stars2
  • 3 stars0
  • 2 stars0
  • 1 stars0
  1. Great information to explore and increase practice


    Charlie combines great scientific research and basic practices to not only increase lucidity in dreaming but encourage a lucidity in awakefulness. This course is laid out well and each segment has an indicator as to how long each is so it was easy to set aside time for big chunks of material or little bites in what I had available.

  2. good course


    good course lots of information i raced through it pretty quickly so i will be going over some of it again good to have unlimited access

  3. Fantastic course!


    I just love everything in this course from the format to the content. Such a great work.

  4. Fantastic course, wonderfully taught.


    After finishing Charlie’s wonderful Mindvalley course, I was hungry for more… Much more! and I found it in this course. I have learnt so much from Charlie and I am truly grateful. He is such a great teacher that without a second thought I purchased both of Charlie’s courses on the awake academy and also the Dream summit. If you’re looking to get lucid and or improving on your dreaming, you are certainly in the right place.

    Thank you

  5. Lucid Dreaming course


    Charley, you are a great teacher, indeed!
    Thank you for proving this course! I found it very helpful to become lucid in the dreams, using various techniques.
    The only things that I felt worthwhile to be discussed more in the course was the time period after getting lucid in the dream: planning the scenarios of lucid dream, how to maintain the lucidity and control the scenario until we accomplish the plan, and in general, the possibilities that we can have during lucid dreams.

    Best regards,

  6. Semi.lucid dream


    I am pleased as on week 4 I did have 2 prelucid dreams and a Semi-lucid dream . It was wonderful. After that, I did not but after completing the course, I think Charley has given me all I needed to get a Lucid dream. Now I need to put it in practice. Thank you. Great course.

  7. Charlie = maestro of dreaming


    Well-done course with intuitively presented and helpful information. Thanks so much for this! Would recommend to anyone interested in this space.

  8. Get Lucid


    Great course covering some very deep subjects that Charlie makes very accessible. Personally, I preferred to do it slow, going over the modules time and time again to have time to develop the practices and exercises well enough to get lucid. And it worked for me, I have got lucid due to this course many times now. Although the course covers the same subjects as the book, I think they are both important to use together. There is something extra though about the videos that being able to see and hear Charlie’s enthusiasm helps pass across the lucidity codings in a way reading the book alone doesn’t reach.

  9. I love this approach


    I’ve been recording my dreams for more than 50 years, I’ve been to the Monroe Institute twice and used Hemi-sync and recently Holosync as aids to meditation, and I’ve had fleeting lucid dreams and a couple of spontaneous OOBEs but I have to say that Charlie Morley is a wonderful teacher and that since I started listening to his short clip instructions (which I really like) my lucidity in dreaming has improved immensely.

    The biggest lesson for me was to create a kindly relationship with my dreaming self, with humility and acceptance. In the past I have been frustrated when I haven’t been able to attain lucidity, to the point of giving up (more than once). Now I realize that I was not only trying too hard, but that I was expecting too much of my small ego-self and not giving enough control over to my dreaming self.

    One wonderful realization has been to recognize that when I can’t read I am probably dreaming. I read a lot, I write all the time and for the last four or five nights I have had reality checks in the hypnagogic state when I see paper with writing on it — soon as I see this I know I’m dreaming. I’m still doing this in the light sleep stage so I only get partial lucidity, but it seems to be replicable and I am getting better at staying calm so I am sure this will segue into a fully lucid experience in the near future.

    Anyway, thank you so much Charlie, you are a blessing!

    By the way, I was set up to find your course by a dream … in the dream I was talking to a friend who passed to the other side last December, his name was Morley Wiseman and we had had a contentious relationship so I was quite surprised at how friendly he was being. After waking I checked my email and there was one from Chris Hammond advertising your course. I watched the introductory video and then noticed that your last name was Morley!

    You are apparently, my Morley Wiseman!

    Thanks again.

  10. Thank You for the Tools!


    Excellent course and presented well. Useful tools. Had my first conscious Lucid Dream the other night, woke myself up too soon. Can’t wait to have more.

  11. Top choice lucid dreaming resource!


    What a professional, creative, scientific, clear (lucid!) summary of Lucid Dreaming. I very much enjoyed the course over many more weeks than 7, to fully integrate the suggestions into my practice. The art work was an entry into lucidity in itself… Thanks Charlie!

  12. Just extraordinary!!


    Hi, I just wanted to say that last night I had my first lucid dream after following all the advice Charlie gives in the course and in the book. Just want to thank him for the amazing work he has put together. Will definitely keep going and do my very best to be beneficial to myself and to all the sentient beings. With gratitude, Riccardo

  13. Awesome


    A comprehensive excellent course on the depth of lucid dreaming; I 100% reccommend! 🙂

  14. Such an inspiring teacher!!!


    I’ve had the fortune to meet Charlie in person and see by myself how passionate, inspiring and enthusiast he is as a teacher and a human being.

    I’ve always appreciated his capacity to communicate and express fascinating ideas with a simple, crystal clear style.
    This capacity is truly the effect of clarity of mind and thought.
    By reading his books and listening to him I always had the same positive impression, and I really learned a lot.

    I strongly recommend this course (but also the books and the retreats Charlie helds around the world) to anyone that really wants to go beyond theory and speculation to really learn the art of lucid dreaming.

  15. An excellent way to learn


    I first discovered about Charlie when I bought and read one of his books.
    Even though a lot of the content can be studied from the books every lessons of this course was really interesting and helpful.
    It was a nice way to refresh things I already knew and a nice way to learn new things in a pleasant way.
    I’m really grateful to have met Charlie and his way of teaching. I warmly suggest to take the course, the books, the workshop.
    I’m looking forward to continue with a retreat.

  16. The Matrix


    Charlie’s work in this field is invaluable. Since first seeing “The Matrix,” as a kid, a virtual world has been at the forefront of my thoughts.

    Even if it takes a year, I urge everyone trying out this course to hold judgement until they’ve had at least 1 LD. The 5 min I’ve spent in 7 LDs have been more fulfilling and exciting than anything I’ve ever experienced.

    I did nothing more than get lucid, and even if that’s all I ever achieved… it would be worth it.

  17. Lucid Dreaming and Mindfulness of Dream and Sleep


    Very well done! A few times through the course I was able to recognize I was dreaming. First and second time I got so excited I woke up immediately, the next few times I was aware so I was testing myself by jumping…knowing if I can jump really, really high, I could confirm I was dreaming. A lot of practice to do…found this course to be very effective in learning how to lucid dream.

  18. Brilliant ... It works


    This course presents very clearly the steps that need to be taken to have a lucid dream. It is presented in an interesting accessible way. If you practice the techniques Charlie describes, it will work for you. Thank you Charlie

  19. Very good stuff


    Would recommend to any beginner or advanced practitioner.

  20. Highly recommend this inspiring course


    Charlie’s books have become my go-to references for keeping me on track with my lucid dream practice. I’ve really enjoyed this online course which is a great accompaniment to the books, as well as a training in it’s own right. Charlie’s passion and enthusiasm shines through and these sessions have continually inspired me over again. Now I’ve completed the course, the unlimited access means I can refer to these videos just as I do the books, which is an added bonus. Highly recommend this to anyone exploring Lucid Dreaming.

  21. Thank you Charlie and Awake Acadmey!


    I had my first lucid dream just four days after completing the course (which I did in just a couple of days due to the engaging style of Charlie and the amazing content of the course).

    I have since had a further two lucid dreams and all this just a week after purchasing the course.

    I am a practicing Buddhist and I am committed to aligning lucid dreaming into my overall spiritual life of mediating. I will be able to work integrating my dark and light shadow and meditate 24/7!

    I would strongly recommend getting hold of the course whether you are spiritually inclined, like me, or just wish to live and dream more lucidly with all the physical and mental health benefits that it will afford.

    Happy lucidity!!


  22. A Wonderful Gift …


    … for anybody who is truly looking for the “ways and means” of lucid dreaming. The course is fun, chock-full of information which is timely, scholarly, and wonderfully engaging. I cannot say enough good things about Charlie’s course. If you, or anybody you know, is sincerely interested in learning to lucid dream, then by all means, take hold the opportunity to take this course. If you’re anything like me, after that first lucid dream, you’ll crave even more of Charlie’s wit, wisdom and compassionate teaching.

    G. Lantz

  23. Sublime


    As well as being completely accessible for beginners, this course has great info for more experienced lucid dreamers. I particularly enjoyed Charlie talking about dream yoga and OBE’s. This is a well made course and will help lucid dreamers become more creative in how they use their lucidity, whilst giving them a deeper understanding of the unconscious.

  24. Amazing!


    Thank you for this amazing course, Charlie! You’re a great teacher. Your classes brought me various new informations about lucid dreaming and your spiritual point of view inspire us all! I’ll continue following you in this lucid dreaming path, certainly!

  25. Brilliant Inspiration From One Who Knows Best


    Charlie is a thoroughly engaging teacher and radiates kindness and inspiration all throughout this course. I would recommend this course to ANYONE with any remote interest in lucid dreaming. Not only does it cover the practical uses based on empirical evidence, the course also provides a solid ground for any spiritual practice you may be involved in. Thank you Charlie and Gustavo.

  26. Highly recommended.


    A great course, very practical, easy to follow, full of inspiration and information 🙂

  27. Lucid Dreaming Course


    I really enjoyed this course as it combines different methods for lucidity for lucid dreaming and living. Besides the lucid dreaming benefits of the Western approach it embraces Tibetan Buddhism methods as well offering the practitioner a method for spiritual progress to assist in being Awake in the after physical life state.


  28. More detailed understanding


    Nicely explained in good detail and at the special price I thought it was good value to really learn more of the required techniques.
    Had purchased Charlie’s book but felt the course online explained things more for me.
    Took longer than 7 weeks to complete as I started and stopped but with the bonus of being able to go back anytime,this for me was really useful. Thank you.

  29. Great and engaging training.


    Just today on 16 January 2017 got my Lucid Dream. I am pretty sure the course helped me. I am more awake during the day and more present.

    Went to sleep and did not needed to realize I am dreaming, I just knew it in a dream as soon I was in a dream.

    Charlie has great personality and enjoyable to listen to. I am pleased to meet him in person too. Very easy to learn from him and he used simple clear language in these videos.

  30. Helpful... Supportive... and It Works!


    We signed up for this course with a hopefulness that something like this could be of benefit. Our actual experience far surpassed our anticipation.

    Our two favorite parts of this course are:
    #1 – the format… really appreciate the short bits of information along with all the tips and strategies that are presented – we felt engaged with the course and quite enthusiastic to want to watch more. AND
    #2 – we have had 5 lucid dreams in closer proximity to each other than ever before!

    THANK YOU SO MUCH for this offering… we feel grateful, encouraged and supported from your work.

    p.s. we HIGHLY recommend this course (even purchased it as Christmas gifts–the recipients began engaging with it right away and appear very thankful)

  31. This should be mainstream


    Today, virtual reality is the thing.
    I think lucid dreaming is like the ultimate virtual reality.

    It’s cool to get lucid in the dream, but that’s just the beginning.
    Once you’re lucid you can do so much more besides “just” having fun. Even if you’re not into spiritual stuff, there is very much potential into lucid dreaming.

    I really like this course and I also recommend to read Charlie’s book “Dreams of Awakening”.

    This should be mainstream.

  32. Fantastic opportunity to heal the world


    Just as Charlie’s book “Dreams of Awakening” seem to come just when I needed guidance to better control my lucid dreams, so too did the online course come when I wanted to resume practice and take it to the next level.

    The course is structured really well, allowing you to progress whenever time allows. You can build a solid foundation and then when you have the time to really delve in you can take the later levels.

    Charlie is a compassionate and loving teacher and he realises, like many others, that the only way to heal the world is to first heal yourself. Only peaceful people can spread peace effectively. Whether you’re debating this course for personal reasons or for compassion, don’t delay. Money is transient like all of life, the gems in this course are worth more than any material possession.

    Read more of my story here: https://www.awakeacademy.org/waking-up-to-life-through-the-power-of-lucid-dreaming/

  33. Always Insightful


    Can always rely on Charlie to deliver. Great advice and habits to form for lucidity in dreams and living. I was able to have a lucid dream the first night of starting this course through the WILD technique along with counting into lucidity method.

    Keep up the great work Charlie and team! Time to start saving and I see you at a retreat soon!!

  34. Organized. Professional. Fun. Informative. A job well done.


    Mr. Morley really has a winning recipe on his hands. The professional way these videos were put together, combined with his inviting demeanor, made this course worth every penny. I fail to see how anyone could take this 7-week course and then not obtain their lucid dreaming goals. The tools Mr. Morley provides for the “dream toolbox” are excellent. I look forward to taking future courses with him as the instructor.

  35. A Fun, Clear, in-indepth and valuable course


    A Big Thank you to Charlie Morley and the team for an excellent course on Lucid Dreaming and Lucid Living! The Visual and personal delivery of the course is very appealing to my way of learning and from the course using the three pillars of Acceptance, Friendliness and Kindness within my dream practice and in waking life has been extremely valuable.

    Highly recommended

  36. Excellent course!


    I had my first lucid dream last night using the wake back to bed technique and it has made me much more aware and mindful of not just the dream state but also the waking state. We spend so much of our time on auto-pilot but this course has helped me discover the beauty of life and our 5 senses.

    Thanks so much Charlie as this course has put me on a new path of self discovery

  37. Really excellent - thanks Charlie and team!


    I’m two weeks into the course and it’s living up to expectations. I bought “dreams of awakening” 18 months ago, but am finding that this course really helps with getting me to actually do things. Charlie’s explanations are super-helpful, clear, engaging and inspiring. I’ve had about 10 days of remembering my dreams and just started my dream diary this morning. Very confident that the course will help put me on a path to being more awake.

  38. Pure truth


    Congratulations to Charlie Morley and the team! This is the pure voice of mindful consciousness and oneness. This is the bread and butter for psychological growth taught through the love and light, complementing personality Charlie has as a teacher.

  39. 5

    The course itself is fantastic, short videos easy to follow and absorb, Charlie very engaging and presenting the subject with zest and confidence. I found it really helpful in my practice and I’m sure will be coming back to watching it many times, picking up from the variety of material according to current needs and moods.
    You did very good job indeed and many people will benefit from it as I did.