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Shortly after an operation followed by an illness ending in another hospital stay, I had the following lucid dream. I was standing in front of a large door with a very tall dark haired man who had indicated to me that he was going to help me. I knew I was dreaming when I looked up at him because he was so very tall. I asked him if he could become shorter so that I could talk to him and he seemed to do so.

We both walked through the door into a very bright, colourful open landscape – greens and orange colours mostly. I told the man I was looking at all the objects in the scene for my dream journal. To our left were several large animals each with 4 long horns. They looked as if they would attack but did not. In front of us were huge Stegosaurus-like animals.

We walked towards a raised bank, I said, “It is a very cartoon-like landscape,” then remembered to ask my question. I asked for healing energy for my operation and recent illness and to boost my immune system. I looked up at the deep blue sky; there was an area of swirl, like the blue sinkholes in the ocean, it looked like a giant eye. The tall man turned to me and said, “I will help you.” He handed me a small glowing rod (bright yellow/orange glow) and indicated I should hold it against myself. I held it to my lower abdomen and then up to my head. When I looked at it again it had stopped glowing and was now black. I decided to finish the dream and wake up. When I went for my post op check-up 3 weeks later I was told I had healed completely, my GP could not believe there was no visible scarring she said it was a very neat job.

January 21, 2021

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