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LUCID DREAMING IN ACTION | Life Rehearsal by Charlie Morley

Life Rehearsal Lucid Dreaming Charlie Morley

In the lucid dream you can work on aspects of your own psychology in a totally safe virtual reality of your own creation. If you are a very shy person, you can use a lucid dream to practise being more outgoing. If you are a very proud person, you can use a lucid dream to practise acting more humbly. Whatever change you want to make in the waking state can be started in the safety of a lucid dream – a laboratory of change in which mistakes can be made and new perspectives explored without fear of failure.

The lucid dream state can also be a wonderful training ground for motor-skill recapitulation and for creating blueprints for physical action that will stay activated in the waking state. So within the dream we can spend time rehearsing physical activities like sport, yoga or even physical rehabilitation, which will lead to a neurological pathway being grooved into the plasticity of our brain that will make these activities easier to perform in the waking state.


Once lucid, simply engage in the action or habit that you wish to practise, just as you would when awake but free from the waking state’s limitations.

You can visualize yourself in the space where you would normally perform this action, but it’s not essential. It’s more important just to do it – and to be mindful of the feelings and sensations that occur while you’re engaging in it.

These feelings and sensations will reappear like real-life memories when you next perform the action in the waking state.

January 18, 2021

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