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LUCID DREAMING IN ACTION | See the Bigger Picture by Charlie Morley

Charlie Morley Lucid Dreaming See the bigger Picture
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An entire menu for a three-day residential retreat, much of my books and part of a TED talk are just three of the bigger-picture creative endeavours that I engaged within the lucid dream state. The pioneer of quantum consciousness, Professor Amit Goswami, believes, ‘If one can tune oneself to the creative characteristics of the dream state, then we can use the dream state to develop these creative qualities within ourselves.’

The natural dominance of the right brain in the dream state is what makes it such a great place to see the bigger picture. Neurologists tell us the right hemisphere is, ‘by its design, spontaneous and imaginative… [a place in which] our artistic juices flow freely without inhibition or judgement’.* Often, however, our lack of awareness in our dreams means that we miss out on the potential our right hemisphere offers. Once we bring lucid left-brain cognizance into a dream, though, we are in direct communication with the right hemisphere and able to benefit from the insights it offers – and from its ability to see the bigger picture.

This makes the lucid dream state the perfect place for reflecting on life choices and asking for advice from the unconscious mind.

* Jill Bolte Taylor, PhD, My Stroke of Insight, Hodder and Stoughton, 2008, p.30


Once you become lucid, state out loud your creative task or ‘bigger-picture’ question such as ‘How can I finish my poem?’ or ‘What career path should I take?’

Be aware of any changes to the dreamscape or any newly formed dream characters who might hold the answer to your question, and remember, the answer may not come in the form you would expect.

Dream: Career Path Lucidity

A few years back I was really doubting whether I was qualified to teach dream work as a career. I felt too young and inexperienced to have much to offer. After a few weeks of wrestling with this, I had a lucid dream in which I asked for some advice. My dreaming mind encouraged me to follow my dreams. It was one of the most important lucid dreams of my life.

27 August 2010

After weeks of doubt over whether I was qualified to teach, I dreamed that I was watching a big house fill up with water and burst under the pressure. I watched the doors and windows explode outwards, gushing water out and forming a tsunami that rushed out of the house onto the street on which I stood! After an initial flash of fear I thought to myself, I reckon I can surf this wave – I’m gonna be alright! and I bodysurfed the tsunami as it swept me off my feet.

The fear seemed to boost my awareness and I soon became fully lucid. I realized within the dream that the house bursting under pressure was symbolic of the doubt that I had been feeling recently. So then I thought that this would be the perfect opportunity to ask my higher self/unconscious mind for some advice about this.

After a couple of reality checks to solidify the lucidity, I called out to the sky, ‘How can I be of most benefit? Should I do the lucid dreaming or should I do Throwdown [the hip-hop group that I used to run]?’

In an instant the entire dreamscape dissolved from the suburban street into a drinks party in the living room of a small house. The room was full of people standing around chatting and I realized beyond doubt that each person in the room was an aspect of my own psyche who would have an answer to my question.

I spotted a man in white robes who looked like a cross between a Buddhist monk and a vicar (a personification of my spiritual side?) and I went up to him and asked, ‘What should I do with my life? Should I teach lucid dreaming or do Throwdown?’

He replied with great sincerity and clasped his hands in prayer, saying, ‘Of course, you must do the lucid dream teaching. That is of most benefit.’

Then I saw a teenager standing in the corner of the room, knocking back shots (a personification of my hedonistic side?) and I went up to him and asked the same question. His reply was to offer me a shot of vodka and yell, ‘Throwdown rocks, man!’

Still with full lucidity and chuckling to myself about how my unconscious was choosing to portray my wild side, I then went and asked a pretty neutral-looking woman and a 30-something man what they thought I should do with my life, and they both said that I should do the lucid dream teaching, too.

Satisfied that I had got a balanced opinion from these aspects of my own psyche, I walked out of the house and found myself on an urban street at dusk. Why hadn’t I woken up yet? I usually wake up after I’ve been given the punchline/teaching.

As I walked away from the house, I was thinking about how supportive my unconscious had been. Then I suddenly felt the urge to turn round and look back at the house. I did and I saw all the dream characters that I had just been talking to huddled around the window watching me walk away. When they saw me turn round, they all started smiling and waving. It was so unexpected!

I felt as though my heart would burst with joy and I yelled out, ‘Unconscious, subconscious, conscious mind, I love you all! Thank you so much for everything!’

Then the dream characters started calling out, ‘Good luck, Charlie! We love you, too!’

I woke up because of the wetness of tears on my pillow. I was crying with happiness. Any doubt over what I should do with my life was gone. I felt an unshakable confidence and faith.

January 18, 2021

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  1. I’ve been practising the tips to lucid dreaming as depicted in the videos I’ve managed to watch on the free seven day course and others from YouTube. However it seems to be a mystery tour when I come onto this site and still haven’t managed to clear Days 5,6, and 7. as yet but will potter on clicking this and that maintaining the intention to see all 7. Charlie’s first two books on the basics i’ve ordered and they will be helpful I’m sure. Thank you for posting the introductory course.

  2. wow. so nice to read the whole story of this dream. thanks for taking the time to write extra articles Charlie. may you be well <3

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