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Mindful Activism Through Love

This is a picture of my 1940 Ford coupe, myself at about age 21 and my brand new baby son David

While driving in the country I spotted an old man with long white hair, working in his garden. We stopped and visited him. He taught me a lesson I’ll never forget. He offered to show us his pets. He said “Now just stand still and don’t be afraid” He brought out two large boxes & dumped 27 rattle snakes onto the ground in front of me.

He then sat down in the middle of them. He said “I Love these animals and they know it. All animals and people can sense where you’re coming from. If you are filled with Love you are not a threat.“

He picked up each of these poisonous wild animals and talked to them as he put them back into it’s box. I was standing only a few feet away. I saw Love in action, with my very own eyes.

I have tried to express Love in my life and have been successful. I was a Civil Rights activist in the 1960’s. I wanted to make a positive difference in my world. I moved into Watts in California. This was a large city that was over 90 percent black. I moved deep into the heart of the ghetto. I was usually the only white man for miles. I found myself in a riot and many other dangerous situations for the year that I was there, but I was filled with Love and no harm ever came near me. People could tell that I was real, and they opened up to me.

My greatest accomplishment was becoming friends with a well known gang leader named Maffia. The second time he and I got into a deep conversation, he suddenly realized how close we were getting so he said “I want you to remember that I’d just as soon kill you as talk to you.” I reached under my seat and handed him a hunting knife! He got nervous and said “here put this away before you hurt yourself!” I had made my point with him. He and his gang hated all white people. That is until they got to know me. This leader was very intelligent. He and I could get into some really good conversations. We got real close before he remembered I was white. I know that I had a positive influence on him. I’m sure sometimes he thinks of me. I told him “see, now you’ve got one white friend. There may be another one out there.“

1973 Spokane. My Dad said ” I don’t like the way you look” He wanted me to be just like him. That never happened!! I don’t think he ever approved of me, from the time I was born.

Martin Luther King Jr. speaks at a Westminster Neighborhood Assn. gathering on Aug. 18, 1965, during what became known as the Watts riots.

How do I describe Love & why is it essential for humanity to reach the next level?

No animals in cages or trying to control nature is Love. The only place we have any business trying to control is within ourselves. The lesson of Love that I saw and felt was between this old man and these animals. A state of consciousness, a perfect attitude between beings. It was not what he was doing but what he was being. He taught me that if I come from Love the world will respond.

How do I describe Love and why is it essential for humanity to reach the next level? This is the highest and greatest subject that there is. Our purpose in this Universe is to learn and to grow. As we expand, our light becomes brighter. We are all on this trajectory together and are moving closer to perfection. Oneness is the final goal. Oneness is composed of all of the aspects of Love. Love is the path to Oneness. The more we walk the path of Love, the further we advance on to a higher level. There are many aspects of Love and we each have our particular strengths. Don’t compare yourself to others. I have worked with mental patients, the mentally retarded and the aged. I have seen many caregivers who were able to express Love to their patients in ways much deeper than I could. Express Love in whatever ways feel best for you, then expand. Love is selfless and non- judgemental. It is caring outside of yourself and giving good for the sake of good. Love is unselfish and all inclusive. Love is also thinking and doing good in a positive way. We do our Spiritual work not for reward but for the benefit and upliftment of all. The greatest and fastest steps forward for us is when we reach back behind us and give a hand to a fellow traveller. Love is the meaning of life! The highest level is perfect Love or Oneness. Within absolute Love are the answers to all of the questions. Love is perfect and complete in every way. This Divine Love is the all power. When we reach this state of perfect Love, there is no darkness and Love is all that is. Love is for giving. We can only have it all when we are able to give it all. Start from where you are now and send out Love. My cup runneth over. Love is the most important thing we have to give. We can never give too much or run out of our supply. Our cup is always full. Love is essential in every step we make forwards in our Spiritual evolution. The Love that we give away, is the force that pushes us onwards, and it is all good. Follow your heart and we’ll all meet up at the end.

December 30, 2020

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